Upscaling climate information services and technologies through IT-led public-private-partnership

Photo: ESOKO

Project description 

CCAFS and ESOKO, Vodafone, the Ghana Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), the Ministry of Food and Agriculture and the Ghana meteorological agency , Toto agric,, aWhere and farmers organizations collaborated on the establishment of a public-private business partnership (PPP) model project in Ghana in the generation, supply and use of climate information services (CIS) through an Information Technolgy (IT) platform.

This project aims to help farmers better manage climatic risks and to therefore be better  adapted and resilient to climate change and variability. The IT platform used allows users to receive downscaled seasonal forecast information on their mobile phones either as voice messages, SMS or through their call centers. The forecast information provided includes the total rainfall, the onset and end of the rainy season, plus a 10 day forecast across the rainy season. In addition to the weather forecast information, farmers receive agro-advisories that are intended to enable them understand and apply received information in the best possible way. In addition to sustaining the dissemination of CIS, the PPP is also expected to contribute to the expanding the businesses of private enterprises involved.

Expected outcomes

  • Climate Information Services reaches 1 million farmers by 2020 in northern Ghana for strategic farm management decision through PPP
  • Recommendations on key drivers and critical factors of risks and success given for improved enabling environment for CIS delivered through the PPP


Further Information

For further information please contact Robert Zougmoré ( and Gordon N. Kotey ( and Saaka Buah (