A novel inventory framework to estimate and analyze greenhouse gas emissions from agricultural crop production and livestock systems, by deconstructing emission into its relevant elements, as a basis for policy-making on climate change mitigation.

The International Centre for tropical Agriculture (CIAT), CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS) and Latin American Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Network (LAMNET) invite you to a webinar on the Kaya-Porter Identity which will be presented by its author – Prof. Dr. John R. Porter. This is the first of a series of webinars.

The Kaya-Porter identity is a concept developed by Professor, Dr. John R. Porter from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. The new identity is developed from the well-known Kaya identity. Professor Dr. John R. Porter first presented the idea at the COP15 held in Copenhagen and has now published the framework in several peer-reviewed journals.

About the speaker

John R. Porter (JRP) is an internationally known scientist in crop ecology and physiology, biological modelling and agricultural ecology. Main contribution has been multi-disciplinary and collaborative work in the response of arable crops, energy crops and complex agro-ecosystems to their environment with an emphasis on climate change and ecosystem services. JRP has published more than 130 papers in reviewed journals out of a total of about 350 publications and has personally received three international prizes for his research and teaching. His H index is 45 and with more than 100 papers receiving over 10 citations, giving an average citation number of these papers of ca. 60. Recently, he was granted Knight of the French Order of Agriculture Merit and led the writing of the chapter on food production systems and food security, for the IPCC 5th Assessment in Working Group II. Learn more.