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Sustainable Finance

Financing the transformation to low-carbon and resilient global food systems will require much larger investments in climate-smart agriculture, specifically from domestic budgets and the private sector. To overcome this financing gap, it will be necessary to use international public finance (both development finance and climate finance) more effectively to develop enabling policies, leverage private capital and deliver adaptation and mitigation outcomes.

Blending public and private finance will be crucial in helping to achieve climate-smart agriculture objectives while meeting the risk-return profile of different investors. In addition, innovative financial mechanisms and delivery channels will need to be developed to ensure that smallholder farmers and agribusiness can access the capital they need to increase their productivity, build their resilience and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

CCAFS works with leading public and private partners to contribute to achieving these goals.


YAPU Solutions, Gawa Capital, the Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT, and CCAFS Latin America joined their expertise and established “Scale for Resilience” to support 3 million farmers to be more resilient by addressing the full financial value chain and unlock the capital needed to scale Nature based Solutions with science-based digital tools.

To cope with the increasingly manifesting climate events a strong shift in capital flows towards adaptation needs to happen now. Scale for Resilience aims to facilitate this shift by unlocking capital towards Nature-based Solutions for the most vulnerable. Making smallholder farmers more resilient is particularly important for several reasons: In Western Africa alone more than 60% of the population depend directly or indirectly on smallholder farmer units for food security and income generation, while this number is estimated to be 70% in Latin America and the Caribbean. At the same time smallholder farmers are among the most vulnerable to climate change effects. 

Scale for Resilience aims to create access to Nature-based Solutions (NbS) and enable the conditions and mechanisms to finance them. It does so by addressing the full financial value chain: it unites investors, (Micro-)Financial institutions as well facilitating institutions, like research centers and technology providers. The goal of the initiative is to leverage ICT solutions for the assessment and reporting of smallholder’s productive needs in the context of climate change and address them by financing suitable Nature-based Solutions.

Join us in this path towards scaling the resilience of smallholder farmers. CCAFS, the Alliance, YAPU Solutions, and GAWA Capital are confident that through this initiative, current barriers to financing climate change adaptation can be broken through digital tools that enable site-specific and integrated nature-based adaptation for rural communities. Join the initiative following the link: https://yapu.solutions/scaleforresilience/join-us/