Advancing science

CCAFS Priorities and Policies for CSA Flagship is based on research and partnerships to understand the mechanisms for improving enabling environments to address food security improvement and poverty reduction under climate change, and foster institutional change. Theis CCAFS research generates and uses research results, coupled with well-established partnerships, to engage with national governments, development agencies, global financial institutions and others to support increasing the resilience and food security of vulnerable people.

Our vision

CCAFS research and activities on priorities and policies for CSA will bring scientific findings from CCAFS and its partners to decision-making at national, regional and global scales. The vision is that organizations and institutions at multiple scales are transforming the enabling policy environment to accelerate food and nutrition security, and poverty reduction in a changing climate.

One key step toward adapting to a changing climate while boosting food security and low-emissions development will be the development of better, more equitable policies that support the integration of climate change into agricultural policies and vice versa. There is much country-level activity on climate policies and adaptation strategies, with new policies and plans constantly under consideration and implementation. Climate finance specifically targeted to agriculture is becoming a reality, and the Priorities and Policies for CSA Flagship works to make sure this is directed to address country adaptation priorities.

Impact pathways

This CCAFS research is focused on the evaluation, development and implementation of policies and other mechanisms informed using knowledge and tools derived from the science of CCAFS and partners that take into account social inclusion. International climate finance and investment in future food security can help to overcome constraints to scaling, provided that countries’ priorities are taken into account and investments channelled appropriately. The Priorities and Policies for CSA Flagship works with partners to find opportunities to mobilize resources, addressing financial constraints in agriculture and achieving positive climate outcomes.

Research on priorities and policies for CSA makes use of tailored communications tools and approaches for engaging and informing next users. This includes learning events such as webinars, personal briefings with policymakers, media outreach at the national and global level to share critical results, and developing engaging training materials relevant to partner needs.

Gender and youth

The Priorities and Policies for CSA Flagship supports women and men in adopting CSA interventions and strengthening food security primarily via identifying key policies governing ownership and control over assets such as land and agricultural inputs, and utilizing gender transformative approaches within scenarios engagement and other processes to empower women.

It also highlights the need for gender and social inclusion considerations when engaging with partners. Different methods of actively engaging youth include communications through social channels, mobile telephony, radio, television, and citizen science.

Research areas