Communications & Engagement

Within the global climate discussion, there is great need for evidence-based research and communications that can bring clarity to the complex trade-offs that exist between food security, development and climate action. 

Our Vision:

To promote a food-secure world through science-based action that supports sustainable agriculture and enhances livelihoods while helping the most vulnerable adapt to climate change and conserving natural resources and environmental services. CCAFS achieves this by:

  • Providing a credible and authoritative platform for scientific information, knowledge and tools on agriculture and food security under climate change.
  • Engaging actively with key partners at all levels to facilitate user-driven research, science-based dialogue, knowledge sharing, and evidence-based policy.

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Together with its partners, the CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS) is well positioned to be an honest broker in the discussion. By putting high-level research at the foundation of all CCAFS communications activities, CCAFS helps to bring clarity to debates around these trade-offs.

Deep engagement with stakeholders to get science-based solutions to practical problems is fundamental to the CCAFS approach. We subscribe to the “Three-Thirds Principle”: one-third of effort engaging with partners to decide what needs to be done and how; one-third on doing the actual research, often also in partnership; and one-third on sharing results in appropriate formats and strengthening capacity of next users to utilize the research to achieve outcomes and impact.

Examples of CCAFS communications in action 

As is the case with all CCAFS cross-cutting strategies, the breadth and variety of CCAFS communications work is large. Here are just a few samples of recent work:

Shamba Shape-Up TV Show

Shamba Shape-Up is an East African TV show that helps smallholders "make over" their farms by sustainably improving their crop and livestock production. Similar to popular home-renovation TV shows, Shamba Shape-Up has an audience of some 11 million. CCAFS partnered with the TV show to provide information on climate change and climate-smart approaches that farmers can put into practice. Photo: N. Palmer (CIAT).

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Big Factsccafs big facts food security

To get the facts on the intricate links between climate change, agriculture, and food security, visit our peer-reviewed Big Facts site, featuring more than 100 infographics containing facts from credible sources. CCAFS invites you to download and use the infographics in your reports and presentations, and to contact us if you have more up-to-date data.

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