Abiotic stress responses in legumes: strategies used to cope with environmental challenges

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  • Araújo, Susana S.
  • Beebe, Stephen E.
  • Crespi, Martin
  • Delbreil, Bruno
  • González, Esther M.
  • Gruber, Veronique
  • Lejeune-Henaut, Isabelle
  • Link, Wolfgang
  • Monteros, Maria J
  • Prats, Elena
  • Rao, Idupulapati M.
  • Vadez, Vincent
  • Vaz Patto, Maria C


Araújo, Susana S.; Beebe, Steve E.; Crespi, Martin; Delbreil, Bruno; González, Esther M.; Gruber, Veronique; Lejeune-Henaut, Isabelle; Link, Wolfgang; Monteros, Maria J.; Prats, Elena; Rao, Idupulapati Madhusudana; Vadez, Vincent; Vaz Patto, Maria C.. 2015. Abiotic stress responses in legumes : strategies used to cope with environmental challenges. Critical Reviews in Plant Sciences. 34(1-3):237-280.