Combining soil fertilization, cropping systems and improved varieties to minimize climate risks on farming productivity in northern region of Burkina Faso

In search of options to cope with climate change and variability, a trial combining fertilization and improved varieties of millet and cowpea (intercropped or as sole crop) was conducted on three sites (Lemnogo, Tibtenga and Ramdolla) in the northern region of Burkina Faso. 

The two-year trial revealed that the combination of manure and NPK applied to the intercropping of millet and cowpea significantly increased crop production  Some varieties were not well accepted by most farmers.

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  • Sanou, Josias
  • Bationo, André
  • Barry, Silamana
  • Nabie, Loyehoun Dorothee
  • Bayala, Jules
  • Zougmoré, Robert B.



Sanou J, Bationo BA , Barry S, Nabie LD, Bayala J, Zougmore R. 2016. Combining Soil Fertilization, Cropping Systems And Improved Varieties To Minimize Climate Risks On Farming Productivity In Northern Region Of Burkina Faso. Agriculture and Food Security 5(20):1-12.