Ana Maria Loboguerrero Rodriguez

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Head of Global Policy Research
Program Management Unit, Program Management Committee, Regional Program Leader
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Dr. Ana María Loboguerrero Rodríguez is Head of Global Policy Research of the CGIAR Research Program for Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS), based in Cali, Colombia. In this position, she plays a major role in leadership on partnerships and capacity for scaling Climate-Smart Agriculture that cuts across all CCAFS Flagships and Regions and all CGIAR Research Programs. She also manages global engagement processes and global synthesis topics that cut across all CCAFS Flagship Leaders, including report/paper writing, engagement and communication and leading on major CCAFS proposals. Dr. Loboguerrero also leads the Latin American Section of CCAFS. In this position she plays a major role in partnership development aimed to build impact pathways so that knowledge in climate change leads to implementation. Through CCAFS, Dr. Loboguerrero has contributed to strengthen the agricultural sector in Latin America so that it is not totally dependent on climate variability, but on the contrary, it manages climate to its advantage, or at least to avoid the bulk of negative consequences. Dr. Loboguerrero has used her experience working in the public sector to become a key partner of policy makers and planners in the region so that they truly use climate information and tools to design and implement plans and strategies and find ways to make climate information useful and applicable for end-users.

Dr. Loboguerrero holds a Master and a PhD on Economics from University of California, Los Angeles, USA (UCLA). She has more than 10 years’ experience of working on climate change challenges. Previously, she worked at the Sustainable Environmental Development Deputy Directorate of the National Planning Department of Colombia as coordinator of climate change. While at the deputy directorate, Dr. Loboguerrero led the formulation of the Colombian Climate Change Policy, the National Adaptation Plan, the National Development Plan and the research agenda on climate change as well as coordinated technical support for the Colombian Low Carbon Growth Strategy.  Dr. Loboguerrero has also worked as an external expert panel member of the evaluation of FAO work in climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Dr. Loboguerrero research agenda has focused on understanding how science can influence policy making and also on the construction and comparison between various types of economic models to assess the consequences of adaptation and mitigation for the economic development of the countries. This research agenda has helped deeply to inform policies and interventions that combine and consider trade-offs between adaptation and mitigation towards low emissions agricultural development.

Recent publications:

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