Collaboration for cimate change in Southeast Asia

Photo: Rainforest Alliance

The CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS) primarily aims to catalyze positive changes towards climate-smart agriculture, food systems and landscapes.

Focused on five Intermediate Development Outcomes (IDOs) on (1) food security, (2) gender and social differentiation, (3) adaptive capacity,(4) policies and institutions, and (5) mitigation, CCAFS will generate equitable and gender-sensitive technologies, practices, and institutional and policy options related to four flagship programs. 

These are (1) climate-smart agricultural practices, (2) climate information services and climate-informed safety nets, (3) low-emissions agricultural development, and (4) policies and institutions for climate-resilient food systems.

In order to update CGIAR Consortium Centers and partners about the status of CCAFS and discuss opportunities for collaboration and share ideas for concept notes, a convergence meeting will be held with the following objectives:

  1. Share updates and progress of work on the different CCAFS funded or attributed projects in the SEA region that are implemented by CCAFS SEA regional office and the CG Centers.
  2. Identify synergies and common interest that can be used in determining possible target sites for climate smart villages in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia (Myanmar and Philippines) and possible joint topics among Centers for the flagship projects call for CCAFS Theme 1-3 next year.
  3. Discuss plans for a regional workshop to come-up with the SEA regional strategy and plan in March 2014.

About 20 participants mostly focal persons from  eight collaborating Centers (Bioversity, CIAT,  CIFOR, CIP, ILRI, IRRI, World Agro-Forestry Center and Worldffish)  including selected donors and partners will converge to undertake the foregoing. 

The meeting is by invite only. Learn more about our activities in Southeast Asia.