In recent years, there has been a growing acknowledgement that climate change calls for agricultural transformation, and that scaling climate-smart agriculture (CSA) is an important element of that. Since 2012, CCAFS has focused on scaling CSA as a way to provide beneficial impact for farmers, and for food and nutrition security.
Experience has shown that scaling innovations can take different pathways and involves a wide range of partners, capacity building, and communications skills. It has also shown that scaling takes place in complex environments and requires institutional support.
To support the CRPs and centers’ scaling activities, GIZ has created the Task Force on Scaling in 2017. At the occasion of the CCAFS SEA Annual Meeting, and with support of a CCAFS Small Grant Networking, this Task Force on Scaling will come to Hanoi and facilitate a Mini-Conference on Scaling.
Specifically, the conference aims to:
  • Understand scaling as a dynamic process that involves a wide range of stakeholders of different sectors;
  • Generate learnings of past projects and scaling initiatives, and provide tools for planning new projects;
  • Connect stakeholders across the scaling community in SEA region and beyond; and
  • Provide an environment for future learning and improvement, towards a dynamic community of practitioners.

Conference agenda

Day 1 (29 November) is directed towards CCAFS participants and partners, and towards the wider scaling community in Vietnam and SEA region, including stakeholders of different sectors, and representatives of further CGIAR research programs.
We will give an overview on the state of art of scaling, discuss the most important challenges and identify ways forward to jointly achieve the needed impact.
Day 2 (30 November) is directed to the CGIAR++ research community. We will gather practitioners of the different SEA regions and identify needs and opportunities for collaboration for driving forward the scaling agenda in our projects, centers and different CGIAR Research Programs (CRPs).