GLF: Unexplored big wins for climate change through landscape restoration

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Photo: C. Schubert (CCAFS)

New science is shining a spotlight on emerging and untapped landscapes that hold potential to be a triple win for restoration, climate change and sustainable development. These opportunities have thus far been underappreciated in policy debates around climate. Now with INDCs, awareness of sectors beyond forestry are rapidly emerging. In addition, they often face a myriad of challenges to going to scale such as political, economic and institutional barriers for them to realize this potential.

The purpose of this session is to highlight undervalued approaches to mitigate impacts of climate change and then invite different perspectives as to how they can be scaled or more widely utilized.

The session will include an overview of a new global study identifying some of the main carbon emission hotspots along with short presentations on each of the undervalued approaches (see initial list). In Dragons Den style, researchers will ‘pitch’ their big wins to a group of diverse group of implementers (policy-makers, financers, NGOs, government agents) to see which ones they think has the most promise for wide scale change. Each will be given 15 million dollars to invest and will decide at the end where they would best put their money. Participants will be asked to vote on which approach has the most potential and reflect themselves on how these can be taken to scale.

Speakers from CCAFS:

  • Sonja Vermeulen, Head of Research at CCAFS
  • Andy Jarvis, CCAFS Climate-smart agricultural practices Flagship leader

The session is organized by the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) and the CGIAR Research Program on Water, Land and Ecosystems (WLE).

For more information, visit the Global Landscapes Forum official website.

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