AgLED Resource Platform for Low-Emissions Development in Agriculture

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What is AgLED?

The AgLED Platform is a…

Resource for everything in low-emissions agriculture development from basic explainers to technical references.
Synthesis of the current knowledge of climate change mitigation in agriculture.
Signpost to national planning that integrates mitigation in agriculture, finance, and climate policy.
A guide to boost the capacity of students and policymakers in developing nations.

Why AgLED?

AgLED is intended to be a guide to climate change mitigation in agriculture and food systems for those new and old in the field of low-emissions development (LED).

The focus is on agricultural emissions and their mitigation, but we provide examples and resources of emissions and mitigation options related to activities connected with agriculture. One of the biggest opportunities and challenges is in developing countries, where food security has yet to be met while also seeking to reduce emissions. Therefore, this site emphasizes developing country data and examples.

Targeted users of this site range from those completely unfamiliar with climate change mitigation in agriculture to those seeking to expand their knowledge in a particular subsector. We provide a curated glossary and FAQ, as well as frequently used technical information as basic references throughout the LED Options, Estimating Emissions and Policy & Planning sections. References are provided in in-text hyperlinks and on the Resource page.


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