Agronomist for modelling and analysing adaptation of cropping systems to climate change in the West African savanna region

Expiration date

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Company / Organization

French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development (CIRAD)

As a specialist in agricultural systems analysis and modelling, you are interested in collaborative research for development. Join Cirad, the French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development, which is in search of a researcher to assess the impacts of climate change on annual cropping systems in the West African savanna region, and to identify ways to adapt to changing climate.


Within Cirad's Aïda (Agro-ecology and Sustainable Intensification of Annual Crops) research unit, you will join a group of specialists in cropping systems modelling. You will contribute to the modelling and analysis of interactions between cropping systems, genotypes and the climate. You will conduct multi-criteria assessments of different adaptation strategies to climate change at cropping system’s level, in particular strategies that are based on agro-ecological approaches that make use of the benefits of crop diversity.

Your initial work will consist of revisiting available crop models and assessing their capacities to represent the functioning of plant cover and nutrient use and how these interact with soil type and climate. Within an international model comparison project, you will contribute to the development of models for low-input cropping systems for Sub-Saharan Africa. You will gradually become part of a multi-disciplinary network that aims at identifying effective ways to improve agricultural productivity in a sustainable manner in developing countries in the context of climate change.


After a period of 12 to 18 months in Montpellier (France), you will be posted in a country in West Africa.

Please note: Cirad researchers are usually posted in developing countries.


  • PhD in agronomy
  • Proven expert knowledge in agricultural system modelling and proficiency with IT and mathematical tools for modelling (coding, databases and model performance indicators)
  • Knowledge of plant physiology, genetics and biostatistics would be an advantage
  • Excellent ability to publish scientific articles
  • Good command of French and English is essential
  • Motivation for collaborative research work in developing countries
  • Aptitude and taste for teamwork

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