Carbon sequestration in soils: a challenge for food security and climate action

A proposed new initiative focuses on carbon sequestration in soils. Photo: G. Smith (CIAT)
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Event Date and time


INRA, 147, rue de l’Université, Paris. Amphitheater

A side-event to the ‘Our Common Future under Climate Change’ science conferenceco-convened by French research organizations, with support from CGIAR and other international organizations and scientists.

A proposal, made by the French authorities ahead of COP21, to store annually four per mil of the soil organic carbon stock to offset current anthropogenic CO2 emissions is confronted to state-of-the art scientific understanding.

A proposed international research program would bridge these axes with contributions from a number of disciplines (soil science, carbon and nutrient cycling, agronomy, livestock, forestry, remote sensing, socio-economics) and would support the development of programs that could be funded, at least in part, by climate funds.

Event details

Organizers :  French research organizations (Cirad, Inra and Ird) with support from several international organizations (CGIAR, CCAFS, GRA, Global Soil Partnership, AGMIP, FACCE-JPI, African soil carbon network and networks supports by UNEP) and from lead scientists in this field.

Speakers : 

  • Dr. François Houllier, CEO of INRA
  • Minister Stéphane Le Foll, MAAF 
  • Dr. Jean-François Soussana, INRA
  • Prof. Rattan Lal, Ohio State U and Prof. Pete Smith, Aberdeen University
  • Dr. Deborah Bossio (CGIAR) and Prof. Paul Mapfumo, University of Zimbabwe 
  • Prof. Mingsheng Fan, China Agricultural University, Beijing
  • Dr. Martial Bernoux, IRD
  • Dr. Denis Loustau, INRA
  • Claudine Foucherot, CDC Climat and Jean-Luc François, AFD
  • Rainer Baritz, FAO
  • Dr. Henry Neufeldt, ICRAF
  • Prof. Martin Scholten, WUR
  • Prof Cynthia Rosenzweig
  • Prof Tantely Razafimbelo, Madagascar
  • Dr. Sonja Vermeulen, CCAFS-CGIAR
  • Isabelle Albouy, INRA
  • Michel Eddi (CEO of CIRAD)
  • Jean-Paul Moatti (CEO of IRD)
  • Frank Rijsberman (CEO of CGIAR)