Development & Climate days

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L'Usine - Fabrique d'événements

Two days of innovative approaches and incisive dialogue about the themes of Zero Poverty and Zero Emissions.

D&C Days will feature dynamic, interactive discussion, including participatory games, lightning talks, role-play discussions, two high-level panels, and more.

Participants will explore ways to integrate climate and poverty targets, influence the UNFCCC negotiations and identify agreements that continue momentum towards achieving zero-zero.

On the first day of the event, Dhanush Dinesh, Global Policy Engagement Manager of CCAFS will be speaking at the following session:

Radical Adaptation - far-reaching and far-sighted

5 December 2015 16:00-17:30

This provocative session will ask: Is climate adaptation, as currently planned, fit for purpose? Have we become absorbed in the means rather than the ends? Will adaptation leave no one behind? And what about universality? Case studies of the water, smallholder agriculture, migration and social protection sectors will respond with evidence. Experience from delivering the CRGE agriculture fast-track in Ethiopia will be presented by representatives of the FDR Ethiopia Government. Then a discussant from the independent LDC expert group will provide an overview assessment. A facilitated plenary discussion will close the session.

Download the policy brief: Radical adaptation in agriculture: tackling the roots of climate vulnerability

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