Mitigating GHG emissions from rural land uses: a screening tool

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Learning sessions about how to geographically optimize agricultural mitigation options will be offered on the morning of Wednesday, December 3 in Lima, Peru.

Learn how to assess and prioritize agricultural mitigations options by country and by regions within countries. 

The University of Aberdeen, with support from CCAFS, will present a user-friendly tool that can help stakeholders design beneficial and cost-effective mitigation options based on their geographic location.


  • Agricultural mitigation options available to reduce GHG emissions in your country
  • Mitigation potentials in different regions nationally and sub-nationally
  • Most effective mitigation options by country and region
  • Most effective mitigation options by different land uses (e.g. upland, grassland, rice)
  • Importance of agroforestry systems to mitigate climate change

Participants are encouraged to provide feedback that will refine the tool.

The 1.5 hour training sessions will be conducted at 8:00-9:30 in Spanish and 10:00-11:30 in English.

Registration: Participation is limited to 20 people per session.

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