Latin America Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Network (LAMNET)

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PhD students from Latin America attended a short course on mitigation of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and GHG measurements in rice production systems and livestock. Photo: JL Urrea (CCAFS)
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The new Latin America Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Network (LAMNET) is a regional subsidiary of the The Climate Food and Farming Research Network (CLIFF), an international research network that helps to build the capacity of young researchers working on climate change mitigation in smallholder farming.

The objective of the network is to enhance regional capacity to conduct mitigation research. It achieves this by linking researchers with doctoral students who wish to  participate in the Standard Assessment of Mitigation Potential and Livelihoods in Smallholder Systems (SAMPLES) project. 

The LAMNET network not only builds the capacity of young scientists, but it also generates novel climate change research on smallholder farming systems, and facilitates South-South knowledge exchange. It is a long-term investment in developing countries’ capacities to measure and mitigate climate change from agriculture.

The selected students attended a short course to learn evaluate options for reducing GHG emissions within smallholder systems. Students will not only learn to evaluate options in terms of their mitigation potential, but also in terms of productivity and livelihood consequences.

The techniques studied include (but are not limited to) remote sensing, economic studies, and measurement of emissions of greenhouse gases. Topics depend on the interests of students and the institutions they are linked.


  • Small research grants to conduct climate change mitigation research in Latin America
  • Short courses
  • Webinar series on several topical issues related to climate change mitigation
  • Joint regional experiments 
  • Identifying and in some cases developing material on climate change mitigation for network members

Expected outputs

This initiative will increase the capacity of Latin American developing countries to quantify greenhouse emissions and develop low emissions agriculture options.

The members of the network will receive grants to conduct research on climate change mitigation in Latin America. Results will be published in peer-reviewed journals. Knowledge on climate change mitigation options will be enhanced.


Current network members are from the following countries: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Trinidad and Tobago.

Name Place Country
Claudia Faverin Balcarce- Provincia de Buenos Aires Argentina
Carolina Alvarez Manfredi- Córdoba Argentina
Jean Victor Sabían Porto Alegre Brazil
Karen Zuñiga


Luis Alberto Morales Villavicencio- Meta Colombia
Verónica Ruiz Gómez El limón-Estelí Nicaragua
Renaldo Belfon St. Augustine Trinidad and Tobago


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