Building climate change partnerships in Ethiopia

Livestock will form the backbone of Ethiopian climate adaptation strategies. Photo: ILRI.

The CCAFS program works with a range of partners worldwide, and getting the right mix of  partners is crucial for ensuring long-term food security in the face of climate change. CCAFS is building partnerships with government agencies in target regions to ensure that the science is locally appropriate, in demand, and useful to national policy makers.

A recent workshop in Addis Ababa brought together partners in Ethiopia working on climate change, including ILRI and CCAFS researchers, donors, and the Ministry of Agriculture, among others. The purpose of the event was to assess gaps and priorities for CCAFS work in Ethiopia and to initiate a platform to address climate change impacts and climate variability.

One of the CCAFS sites is located in Yabelo, Borana Zone, Oromia region of southern Ethiopia and action research on adaptation strategies, in conjunction with ILRIs' program on Index Based Livestock Insurance, will begin this year.

Partners at the workshops agreed to craft a road map for further work, and set up an awareness campaign of the impacts of climate change on the agricultural sector. They will also work together to assess the gaps in adaptation and mitigation knowledge in order to move forward.

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