The agriculture and food sector is a mainstay of most African economies and livelihoods. Yet, it is one of the most vulnerable to climate change, with smallholders being particularly at risk and in urgent need of adaptation and resilience.

However, investments in climate solutions are limited, and uptake of available innovations and access to technologies to address climate change remain low. Dramatically increasing public and private investment in climate smart agriculture technologies and incentivizing innovation is critical.

This event will explore how to scale investments and innovations to address climate change in African agriculture through both the public and private sector action, in line with the COP26 campaign on Transforming Agricultural Innovation for People, Nature and Climate. It will interrogate how such action can ensure that the most vulnerable smallholders, in particular women, aren’t left behind.

A detailed agenda and speakers list will be published here once available.

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  • World Bank
  • UK Research and Innovation
  • GSMA

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