Taking off from the convergence meeting of CGIAR Centers and selected partners in December 2013, a regional workshop will this week map out a CCAFS R4D agenda and strategy for Southeast Asia (SEA). 

The three-day workshop, which takes place in Hanoi, Vietnam, will define the strategic direction of CCAFS in the region, transforming outputs into workplans and budgets in collaboration with Theme Leaders.

The region was added to the CCAFS portfolio (East Africa, West Africa, South America, South Asia) to make the program fully global. Based on the criteria of mitigation potential, innovation potential, vulnerability and institutional support, SEA was ranked first over other target regions except for vulnerability and institutional support, for which it was ranked second.

The SEA Regional Program provides regional program coordination, overseeing research in a specific region from participating Centers and coordinating actions for coherent implementation of activities in SEA.

Regional strategy workshop

The CCAFS regional R4D strategy and agenda workshop involves NARES Partners, CGIAR Centers, civil society and selected donors. The regional strategy and agenda will operationalize CCAFS’s four flagship programs and help pursue the five intermediate development outcomes of the program in SEA. The outputs of the convergence meeting among CGIAR Consortium Centers and selected partners and donors in December 2013 will be inputted in this workshop.

Objectives include scanning contemporary challenges, opportunities and state of climate change and its major impacts on agriculture and food security in SEA; assess the complementation and synchronization of current climate change R4D initiatives among CGIAR Centers and NARS in the region; identifying cutting edge knowledge, information and policy gaps on climate change in the region; mapping out a regional R4D agenda and strategy for CCAFS-SEA in the next three years and drawing up an impact pathway for climate change R4D for SEA.

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