Join the CGIAR webinar series on climate security for live and interactive sessions to highlight the importance of connecting science and policy in the context of climate security to ensure sustainable natural resource management and resilient food systems as a foundation for peace.

CGIAR's work, through its multidisciplinary approach, contributes significantly to climate security and peace building. Within the pathways linking climate to conflict, food systems, food security and livelihoods emerge as fundamental interconnected drivers. CGIAR’s multidisciplinary research on agricultural productivity, climate science, livelihoods and food security, youth and gender, markets and value chains, and natural resource management is central to understanding these complex dynamics. This is of particular relevance in conflict prone areas most affected by both, climate change and fragile institutional/political systems.
To catalyze key insights arising from climate and conflict research into action, we are organizing a series of six webinars that will help map important stakeholders and connect crucial narratives to bridge the collective knowledge of food systems and natural resource management with conflict resolution and peace-building.

The webinar series will aim to highlight the importance of securing sustainable food systems and natural resource management as a foundation for sustainable and resilient peace. It will bring together researchers and practitioners from the field of food systems, natural resources, climate and humanitarian, conflict and peace building disciplines.
The webinars will be hosted by Mark Leon Goldberg, Editor of the United Nations and global affairs blog UN Dispatch and host of the Global Dispatches Podcast - a global affairs podcast with impact. The webinars will also be recorded as live tapings and will be available as podcast episodes on the Global Dispatches Podcast.

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