Journalists from leading media visited Climate-Smart Villages in Karnal, Haryana to witness how farmers there have adopted climate-smart agriculture practices and have improved yields, increased incomes and are conserving scarce resources.

By Dharini Parthasarathy, Communications Specialist, CCAFS South Asia

To time with the launch of the Climate-Smart Alliance during the UN Climate Summit in New York, CCAFS organised a media field visit to Climate-Smart Villages in Haryana for journalists in India.

Seven journalists from leading media- the BBC, The Hindu, Voice of America, Times of India, InterPress Services and Reuters, among others- interacted with farmers and researchers to understand how climate-smart agriculture can help farmers adapt to climate change.

The resulting coverage showcased how technology and conservation agriculture practices are helping farmers in Karnal adapt to a changing climate. 

Dr ML Jat, Senior Agronomist at the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT) and Surabhi Mittal, Senior Economist at CIMMYT, participated in the visit and gave a broad introduction to the media on how CCAFS and CIMMYT are working with farmers in Climate-Smart Villages.

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