UNEP's Climate and Clean Air Coalition, through support from more than 30 countries and the UNDP, will be launching an initiative on mitigation in paddy rice, facilitated by the CCAFS program at IRRI and CIAT. The global inception workshop  will be October 24-25, and the launch will be October 31.


Scientists have identified simple methods to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases from paddy rice while maintaining or improving rice yields, for example through alternate wetting and drying of rice (AWD)

Scientists from CCAFS, IRRI (the International Rice Research Institute), CIAT (Center for International Tropical Agriculture) and partners will gather with project implementers and policy makers October 24-25 in Bangkok to discuss how to expand this knowledge and produce technical and policy guidance for national governments so the techniques can be practiced at large scales in paddy rice systems.

Attendance to the workshop is by invitation.  For more information, please email Ole Sander.

The October 31 launch will feature a panel of presentations with partners and stakeholders and take place in coordination with the Sustainable Rice Platform meetings.