Local governments from Honduras, Guatemala and San Salvador meet to discuss how to sustainably manage the territory's development in the face of climate change. 

This event is one of the first follow-up actions after the conclusions and proposals produced in the Climate Change Forum which took place in 2017, based on the idea that local governments play a fundamental role in managing natural resources in the territory.

The municipal environmental units are vital for exerting this function, with the vast and active participation of local social organizations from the municipalities.

Deissy Martínez Baron, science officer for CCAFS Latin America, takes part in the meeting with a presentation focused on "Climate-Smart Agriculture Experiences in the Trifinio Region".

The meeting aims to:

  • Share information about environmental management activities ran by the Municipal Environmental Units (UAM in their Spanish acronym) in El Salvador and in Honduras (UMAS), Environmental Management Units (UGAM) in Guatemala and by the Environmental Management Units of communities within the Commonwealth of the Trifinio region.
  • Share experiences of communities in El Salvador that have Territorial Planning and Management offices (OPLAGEST).
  • Identify actions to strengthen adaptation and mitigation actions, as well as linking local and national institutions to address jointly the social, environmental and economic impacts triggered by climate change in the region.

The presentation will be available soon.