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Scheduled to coincide with IPCC’s Lead Author Meeting at CIAT, this webinar will highlight the work on the IPCC’s upcoming Climate Change and Land report, which will be released this year. This webinar will discuss trends on deforestation in Latin America and what land-use change means to the global climate. Experts will also talk about climate-related challenges facing agriculture in Latin America, and new tools and knowledge for addressing these challenges. The expert panel will include at least one IPCC author who can discuss the report’s significance for policymakers in the region.

Date:  February 12, 10 a.m. (Bogotá), 9 a.m. (Mexico City), 12 p.m. (Buenos Aires)

Language: Spanish

Moderator: Fermín Koop, Editor Claves21

Expert Panel: Ana María Loboguerrero, Head of Global Policy Research, CCAFS, Cali, Colombia

Louis Verchot, IPCC author and Landscape Restoration Theme Leader at CIAT, Cali, Colombia

Series of Webinars: Other elements of this series concern sub-Saharan Africa as well as Asia.