Governance and Management review

CCAFS governance and management endorsed

The CIAT Board of Trustees (CIAT BoT) commissioned an external governance and management review of the CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS). The review, which took place in the first half of 2013, basically endorsed CCAFS governance and management structures and processes while also providing some important recommendations. 
On the programmatic structure the reviewers highlight that the CCAFS Independent Science Panel (ISP) and Program Management Committee (PMC) have developed effective mechanisms and practices for strategic decision making with respect to program priorities, performance and resource allocation. 
The reviewers note that CCAFS has the management structure it needs and has attracted the staff expertise required to lead and manage the program. The governance structure supports the effectiveness of the CIAT BoT as the legally accountable entity, and the budgeting and financial management works efficiently.
On monitoring and evaluation, the reviewers state that CCAFS has established good mechanisms at the programmatic and management level to assess the relevance and quality of research, and identify indicators that would facilitate monitoring and evaluation. They also note that CCAFS has developed an effective strategy for knowledge sharing and communications.
The reviewers say that the process for CCAFS budgeting, financial management and reporting demonstrate the quality and professionalism of the financial staff at CIAT and CCAFS. They do note, however, that a more robust internal audit function for CGIAR Research Programs is being developed at the CGIAR Consortium level which should provide the CIAT BoT with greater assurance that it can obtain presently. 
The reviewers provided 10 recommendations. In its response the CIAT BoT welcomed the review and recommendations, and expressed its acceptance of seven of them, and objected only to one of them. The reviewers recommended that the CIAT BoT should not be represented on the CCAFS Independent Science Panel (ISP). Given the size of the CCAFS program of work and budget and the risk for the CIAT BoT it wishes to maintain its representation. The reviewers recommended cutting the size of the ISP and this will be started in 2014.