Impact of climate services on Senegal's farmers

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Climate services involve the “production, translation, transfer, and use of climate knowledge and information in climate-informed decision making and climate-smart policy and planning.” 1 A well-functioning climate service provides the information and support that decisionmakers need to understand, anticipate, and manage climate-related risks. While climate services encompass a
range of time scales, services for farmers emphasize information at weather (e.g., daily observations, forecasts out to about 10 days) and seasonal climate variability (e.g., historical seasonality, variability and trends; seasonal forecasts) time scales.


Hansen J, Dinh D. 2022. Impact of climate services on Senegal's farmers. CCAFS Info Note. Wageningen, the Netherlands: CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS).


  • Hansen, James
  • Dinh, Dannie