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New CGIAR climate security explorer

The pod from the drought tolerant variety is yellow, indicating early maturity, enabling the plant to escape the severity of a drought. Photo: N. Palmer (CIAT)
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Oct 13, 2020


Planetary Security Initiative (PSI)

This piece was originally published on the Planetary Security Initiative (PSI) website.

The Consultative Group for International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) is a global research partnership with the aim to guarantee future food security, and is dedicated to reducing poverty, enhancing food and nutrition security, and improving natural resources. Addressing the impact of climate variability on food insecurity and strengthening government institutions are instrumental to prevent conflicts and contribute to the prospects of peace.These approaches are central in CGIAR’s work.  

Acknowledging the importance of climate change and the environment in the domain of security and conflict, CGIAR constructed a detailed database on their contributions to peace. As conflict can be spurred by multidirectional and interrelated effects such as environmental, political, social or economic drivers, the database offers the option to filter the contributions to peace according to specific areas of interests, such as different conflict drivers, region or country. The database  offers a wide range of drivers of conflict including climate variability, deforestation, gender inequality, institutional failure or water scarcity.

The database is informed by research that identified direct and indirect factors that contribute to the prospects of peace. Literature review of climate-related risks established a set of drivers that are relevant within the climate-security nexus. The result is a user-friendly and clearly demarcated database, that makes it easier to navigate the work done by CGIAR on climate security. Find the database HERE.