Photo-story: Kenya's climate-smart farms through a lens

Together with the International Livestock Research Institute and World Neighbors, CCAFS is collaborating with Oboum and other farmers to test hybrid sheep and goat breeds. Photo: C. Schubert (CCAFS)

This is a photo-story showing our climate-smart village farm sites in Western Kenya. The story was originally published on the Thomson Reuters Foundation (Trust) site.

Lower Nyando in western Kenya is one of a growing number of climate-smart villages set up in six locations across East Africa by the CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS). Here farmers test new practices to cope with climate impacts, while showing others how they too can reap the benefits.

Climate-smart agriculture has the potential to help farmers adapt to and mitigate climate change, while boosting yields and incomes. The farm activities have a research purpose too - to see which practices and activities work where and in what climate.

The project is being implemented by the CCAFS East Africa program, CGIAR research centres such as the World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF) and International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), ViAgroforestry, Kenya Agriculture Research Institute (KARI), World Neighbors, Kenya's ministries of livestock, development and agriculture, community-based organisations and the private sector including Magos Farm Enterprises.

Visit to Kenya's climate-smart village sites

Through inter-cropping maize and sorghum plants with fruit trees, John Oboum has been able to boost soil fertility and yields on his plot. He sells the fruit to earn extra money, as well as fruit tree seedlings to neighbours, advising them how to plant.

Visit to Kenya's climate-smart villages in May

A key feature of the climate-smart sites is that they are open to visitors wanting to learn more about different agriculture practices. John is very enthusiastic about teaching others. “Everything I do here is like an open book. Anyone is welcome to come and ask me questions. I am happy to help,” he says, smiling.

Visit to Kenya's climate-smart village sites in May

Edward Ouko is another climate-smart farmer from the Nyando area. He is growing drought-tolerant and fast-maturing sorghum that he says is doing really well on his plot.

Apart from sorghum, Edward is also experimenting with hybrid watermelons, tomatoes, green gram and beans, investigating which hybrid varieties perform best in the region’s increasingly hot and dry climate. Edward’s many experiments could hold the key to long-term solutions for farmers in the area.

All photos by: Cecilia Schubert (CCAFS)

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Photo-story by Cecilia Schubert, Communications Officer at CCAFS.