Our work

The Challenge

There is a wide range of technology and policy options for dealing with the effects of climate change. A wide range of these options relating to risk management, adaptation and mitigation are being pursued or considered in various regions of the world. 

However, there has been little analysis of the trade-offs and synergies possible among their environmental, livelihood and food-security aspects for agriculture.

About this work

These analyses, carried out over a range of time and spatial scales, will include quantification of the uncertainties associated with the methods used, and will reflect the information needs of different stakeholders. Of equal importance is providing the tools to do this type of assessment to a wide range of stakeholders. 

Systematic analyses of these interactions and strategic engagement with partners along with investments in communication efforts to share the results will lead to better policy and program choices.

The work carried out is done in close collaboration with the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI). 

Main Activities

  • Global Futures for Agriculture: the project is designed to improve agricultural productivity and environmental sustainability, especially in developing countries. It is focused on evaluating promising technologies, investments, and policy reforms.
  • IMPACT modeling Suite: the model is designed to examine alternative futures for global food supply, demand, trade, prices, and food security. It covers over 40 commodities, which account for virtually all of world food production and consumption.
  • AgMIP project: a major international collaborative effort to assess the state of global agricultural modeling and to understand climate impacts on the agricultural sector 
  • Regional Research Monographs on Agriculture and Climate Change: Agriculture and food security threats in the face of climate change are being analyzed for 29 countries in West Africa, East Africa and Southern Africa
  • Committee on World Food Security report on Food Security and Climate Change: a report requested by governments to understand the landscape of food security and its relationship to climate change.

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