The SHAMBA Tool Version 1.0 allows estimation of the climate change mitigation potential of changing smallholder agricultural practices. It was designed to meet greenhouse gas accounting requirements for the Plan Vivo Standard.

The Small-Holder Agriculture Mitigation Benefits Assessment (SHAMBA) tool and methodology allows Plan Vivo projects, for the first time, to derive carbon credits from soil carbon and other agricultural sources. This increases the volume of carbon credits for which smallholder farmers are eligible and enhances their access to other climate finance.

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A full description of the tool is publicly available at and is accompanied by a tool description, user guide and methodology. 

Additionally, the web interface of the tool is viewable at:

The University of Edinburgh and the CGIAR Research Program for Climate Change, Agriculture, and Food Security worked together to develop this tool, and the University of Edinburgh, Bioclimate and Plan Vivo are now working together to increase the use of this tool beyond the initial projects in sub-Saharan Africa. The aim is to estimate climate benefits from other geographical regions and land use practices, as well as reporting metrics describing impacts on resilience and yields. 

Please contact Sadie Shelton for more information.