Resources for Scaling Climate-Smart Agriculture

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Scaling climate-smart agriculture (CSA) has the power to transform food systems, and help farmers mitigate their climate impact and adapt to an increasingly unpredictable climate. This list includes both CCAFS publications focused on practices and techniques to scale CSA as well as methods to overcoming economic and social barriers.

You can find over 50 relevant publications categorized by region: Global, South Asia, Southeast Asia, East Africa, West Africa and Latin America.



Publication Title

Insurance10 things to consider for scaling climate-smart agricultural index-based insurances2019
Building resilience through climate risk insurance: Insights from agricultural research for development2019
Improving climate risk transfer and management for Climate-Smart Agriculture A review of existing examples of successful index-based insurance for scaling up2017
PolicyTransforming food systems under climate change: Local to global policy as a catalyst for change (and 2-page brief version)2019
Scaling up innovations in smallholder agriculture: Lessons from the Canadian international food security research fund2019
Lessons on bridging the science-policy divide for climate change action in developing countries2018

Facilitating change for climate-smart agriculture through science-policy engagement


FinanceFinancing the transformation of food systems under a changing climate (and 2-page brief version)2019
Financial service supply with potential for supporting climate-smart agriculture: Quick scan around the Climate-Smart Village AR4D sites of the CGIARCCAFS Research Program in 20 countries2018
PrioritiesLessons learnt from CCAFS - 10 years scaling climate-smart agriculture2020
Designing knowledge-matching facilities for scaling climate-smart agriculture: A proposal for accelerating food systems’ transformation in a changing climate2020
The Scaling Mindset – Shifting from Problems to Solutions2020
Busting the myth that pilots never scale: Unpacking the USAID climate services for resilient development strategy in LAC2020
Accelerating innovation development and scaling processes for agricultural transformation2020
Changing diets and transforming food systems (and 2-page brief version)2019
Climate-smart agriculture: in need of a theory of scaling2019
Responding to global change: A theory of change approach to making agricultural research for development outcome based2017
PracticesAdaptation and development pathways for different types of farmers (and 2-page brief version)2020

Scaling up agricultural interventions: Case studies of climate-smart agriculture


The climate-smart village approach: framework of an integrative strategy for scaling up adaptation options in agriculture


TechnologiesFuture technologies and food systems innovation for accelerating progress towards the SDGs: key messages2019
Reaching more farmers – innovative approaches to scaling up climate-smart agriculture2015
Insurance Finance PolicySpecial issue on climate-smart agriculture (CSA)2017
Climate Information ServicesClimate Services Can Support African Farmers' Context-Specific Adaptation Needs at Scale2019


Regional publications