In response to the increasing demand for protein in Asia, the Asian Development Bank's (ADB) investment portfolio in the livestock and feed industry is growing. At the same time, the plant-based meat and alternative protein industries are taking off globally, with especially fast growth in Asia. Hence, it is essential for policy makers, industry investors, and ADB’s food security engagement to understand the quickly changing food value chain landscape in the region to gain knowledge on global best practices in supporting the protein industry to ensure environmental sustainability, nutrition, and food safety; and to understand the implications for smallholder agriculture while enhancing food supply capacity.

In consideration of ADB’s relevant investments over the next 3 years, CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS) experts have developed guidance on sustainable livestock and analyzed sustainability for four cases in consultation with its working group members. The workshop will discuss the findings of the guidance and case studies on dairy in the PRC and Indonesia; feed and fodder in Uzbekistan and plant-based meat alternatives and pork in PRC.

Program and presentations

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June 28 – Sustainable livestock

RemarksXiaohong Yang, SDCC & ADB
Global sustainable livestock investment overviewLini Wollenberg, CCAFS
Sustainable livestock guidance review and frameworkCiniro Costa Jr., CCAFS & Alliance of Bioversity and CIAT
Case Study on dairy value chain in IndonesiaMarion De Vries, WUR
Case study on dairy value chain in ChinaDong Hongmin and Wei Sha, IEDA & CAAS
Case Study on Livestock Feed and Fodder Development in UzbekistanAn Notenbaert, Alliance of Bioversity and CIAT
Summary & Next StepsAndreas Wilkes, Values for Development Ltd.

June 30 – Plant-based meat

Recap from Day 1Lini Wollenberg, CCAFS
The Global Impacts of Substitution of Meat by Plant-based Meat/Dairy on Emissions, Biodiversity and Food Security and Impacts by Region [not available]Miroslav Batka and Petr Havlík, IIASA
Plant-based protein market in AsiaHarsh Rajpal, Code Partners Pte. Ltd.
Assessment of the environmental sustainability of plant-based meat and pork: Opportunities for improved sustainability practices in the industry

Isaac Emery, Consultant

Wei Sha, IEDA & CAAS

Nutrition and Food Safety Issues of Plant-based and Alternative MeatWilliam Chen, Nanyang Technological University
Regulatory Process for Plant-based Meat Markets in ChinaWu Yongning, CFSA
Strategic Development of Plant-based IndustryVarun Deshpande, GFI, India
Summary & Next Steps

Martin Lemoine, ADB