Innovative incentives and mechanisms for scaling up

To achieve the mass adoption of climate-smart agriculture (CSA), which is part of CCAFS' vision, it is not enough to simply stockpile technical knowledge about CSA practices and portfolios. Financial and other incentives need to be understood and leveraged in order to boost adoption levels and deliver strategies for scaling up that have the capacity reach farmers, including the women and other marginalized groups.

CSA has opened new opportunities for novel financial instruments to promote agricultural technology adoption, including sources coming from climate finance. This opens up questions about how new finance streams, and value-chain innovations might best be harnessed to deliver benefits to smallholder farmers. Insights generated from this research will inform CSA investment and increase the value for money of such investments by using appropriate gender-sensitive incentive mechanisms to enable farmers to access, adopt and promote CSA practices.

Research Activities Include:

  • Incentive mechanisms for climate-smart agriculture and linkages with national policy.
  • Certification vehicles and value chains (public-private partnerships and new business models for climate-smart agriculture).
  • Research on the reach and efficacy of impact investment and other novel financial instruments, including those originating from climate finance.

Projects Include:


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East Africa
South Asia
Southeast Asia