Creative actions to accelerate progress towards the SDGs: a 6-part action plan

A 6-part action plan to transform food systems and accelarte progress towards the SDGs.

Presenting a 6-part action plan to transform food systems under climate change: an Exposure story

If we are to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) related to poverty, climate change and food and nutrition security, the agricultural development community (research institutions, private sector, farmer organisations, national and international agencies) will have to work collectively with the world’s 700 million small-scale farmers by 2030 to transform the way food is produced, processed and consumed. Never before have we faced such ambitious goals. This action plan presents a comprehensive strategy to pursue these goals by transforming food systems and accelarting progress towards the SDGs.

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Dhanush Dinesh is Global Policy Engagement Manager for CCAFS. Ana María Loboguerrero Rodríguez is Head of Global Policy Research for CCAFS. Alberto Millan is Senior Climate Finance Specialist for CCAFS. Tonya Rawe is Global Policy Lead, Food and Nutrition Security at CARE International. Lindsay Stringer is Professor in Environment and Development at the University of Leeds. Philip Thornton is Flagship Leader for Priorities and Policies for CSA for CCAFS. Sonja Vermeulen is Global Lead Scientist for Food at WWF International. Bruce Campbell is Program Director of CCAFS.