Five members of the CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS) team were named in Reuters 'Hot List' of world leading climate scientists

The Reuters list identifies and ranks 1,000 climate academics according to how influential they are.

Launching the list for Earth Day 2021, Reuters tell the stories of the scientists who are having the biggest impact on the climate-change debate – exploring their lives, work and influence.

The Hot List ranking—based on data provided by the academic research portal Dimensions—is determined by the number of research papers the scientists have published, the number of citations of their work and the number of media mentions they have garnered.  

CCAFS team members named in the Hot List are: 

Philip Thornton - Flagship Leader for Priorities and Policies for Climate Smart Agriculture, CCAFS

Peter Läderach - Flagship Leader for Climate-Smart Technologies and Practices (CCAFS) and Leader of the CGIAR Focus on Climate Security

Stephen Zebiak - Flagship Leader for Climate Services and Safety Nets, CCAFS

Pramod Aggarwal - Asia Program Leader, CCAFS

Reiner Wassmann - Senior Scientist at International Rice Research Institute (ILRI)