How can decision-makers and policy makers prioritize investments in agriculture and climate change by making more strategic planning? This workshop aims to share the tools and methods that can make the difference.

December 1st and 2nd, 2014

Due to current and more frequent impacts in LAM’s agricultural sector of climate change and variability, there is a huge demand by governments and planning institutions at national and local level to access and strengthen their capacity towards the use of tools and methodologies that support both planning and decision-making processes.

Governments at both national and local level are constantly struggling with their prioritization in terms of planning, policy design and investment allocation for the agricultural sector especially when food security crops and population stability are threatened by high vulnerability increased by climate variability and/or extreme events.

In this context, several tools and approaches have been developed and are now available to support policy formulation and decision-making processes in developing countries, which are most vulnerable due to their low adaptive capacity. However, many of these approaches and tools are often unknown by those who need that kind of support.

This workshop, organized by The CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS), together with ONF Andina is intended to provide an opportunity of share them and exchange successful experiences within the region to spread knowledge and improve, in the medium and long term, policy formulation and decision-making processes in Latin America using COP’s scenario as an appropriate environment to bring this discussion and build on it future collaborations and collaborative capacity building.

The main objective of the workshop is to provide the opportunity to regional, national and local stakeholders (research centers, public and private institutions, NGOs and multilateral organizations) from Latin America to share their approaches and tools developed to support planning, policy formulation and investment prioritization with their homologues in the region, promoting the use of those approaches and tools among the participants, as well as continuing the sharing experiences dynamic to strengthen capacity within the region.


This workshop is part of a series of events that CCAFS is involved during COP20, including Food and Nutrition Security, Agriculture and Climate Change and the Hackathon, a competition of programming in teams, in order to develop an application that improves the use of the tools and data generated by CCAFS.