We are looking for new ways to use ICT to bring agricultural research to those who need it most! The best ideas will be rewarded! Do you accept the challenge?

Applications closed on November 18th

Climate change brings about new challenges for farmers and the way they understand the climate. But with better and easier access to climate information, the stakeholders will be able to manage climate variability and make better decisions, bringing solutions that will help farmers to reduce the risk of crop failure and have better yields.

There are various existing databases that contain useful information that can be used by stakeholders to better cope with climate, but these information need to be made more accessible and be presented in a more user-friendly way. This is where you come into the picture: We challenge you, and your team, to develop ways to turn this available data into useful and accessible information for farmers; to help them better adapt to and manage climate variability, rather than having climate instability manage them.



Develop applications that build a bridge between the scientific information generated by CCAFS and the rural population of Latin America.

The group with the most outstanding submission (app) that fulfills the objectives of the competition, will be awarded a prize and the winners will present their work on December 2nd, 2014 at an event organized by CCAFS..

Applications types
  • Videogame
  • GIS app
  • API
  • Smartphone app
  • Web services
  • Crowdsourcing

Enter the official website of the event: http://bit.ly/Hackathon_CCAFS