Improved technologies, practices and portfolios for CSA

Ongoing work in CCAFS has shown that there is a fundamental lack of evidence of the benefits of rolling-out climate-smart agriculture (CSA) at scale. This research focuses on evaluating the performance of new and existing climate-smart agricultural options, not only in terms of productivity increases and food security aspects (e.g. nutritional benefits, post-harvest losses) but also resilience and mitigation metrics.

Climate-smart villages are essential tools for the work being carried out under the Climate-Smart Agriculture Flagship. They are places where integrated crop, livestock, fish, agroforestry and natural resource management options are tested in a participatory manner. They offer a platform for CCAFS to come together with partners to scale up climate-smart agriculture investment and adoption. Click here to learn more

Our current portfolio, working primarily through action research in climate-smart villages (CSVs), will collaborate closely with other commodity programs will also build an evidence base on the costs, benefits (to food security, adaptation and mitigation) and primary barriers to adoption.

Research activities include:

  • Evaluating new and existing climate-smart and gender sensitive agricultural options.
  • Co-developing new portfolios of technologies, practices and information systems.
  • Understanding the barriers to adoption of different climate-smart agricultural options.
  • Modelling and priority setting.
  • Building evidence of the benefits of climate-smart agriculture.

​Projects Include


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West Africa
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Latin America
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